Family School is always buzzing with the play of kids and the chatter of parents, but a few times a year the excitement level is raised with fun events for local families and the community at large. Feel free to drop by and support our school at these annual community events!

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction is your chance to bid and get great deals on cool stuff - from family holiday getaways to curated experiences such cooking lessons and television show tapings, from gift cards to local services and restaurants, from kids toys and much, much more. All proceeds from the silent auction goes towards the operational budget -- providing teachers salaries, administration and facilities upkeep, and financial aid for families.

Spring Fair

The annual LAFS Spring Faire is a festive, colorful event for the school community, our neighbors and alumni. Parents from the school work together to transform our school into a carnival-like atmosphere - creating booths with facepainting, food, games, music and activities all geared towards showing the children a good time. Everyone feasts on the mouth-watering homemade desserts and snacks, the scrumptious locally sourced gourmet menu, and the creative specialty drinks, all while listening to the sounds of local musical acts who donate their time and talent to the LAFS community. 

LAFS Family Breakfast

Started by a group of LAFS Dads who want to show off their culinary skills, this annual fundraiser has become one of the most anticipated events of the year, bringing together the entire community for a weekend morning of delicious breakfast tacos and burritos, eggs and bacon, and bagels and coffee. The families cook and serve and clean; the community eats it up.

Fundraisers (Karaoke, Spelling Bee, Bingo & Casino Nights)

Over the years, the LAFS Board of Trustees hosts one-night only fundraisers designed specifically to bring our parents, teachers and staff together for a fun, keep-the-kids-at-home night out. In addition to providing a chance for the adults to socialize, these events also offer a great opportunity for prospective parents to get a sense of what the LAFS community is all about.