Director’s Statement

As our children walk through the green gates every morning at Los Angeles Family School, they are given countless opportunities to work independently and cooperatively. Learning to respect the needs of others as well as their own. They learn through play to become self-sufficient, self-reliant and resilient. They develop their capacity to peacefully resolve conflicts that naturally arise in group settings — how to disagree but still get along, how to share, ask minutes, and be a good friend. Our students learn through their teachers that they have to have their own voice, and that their voice matters. These are the seeds of good self-esteem. The interactions that we see and have with the bright young characters at Family School inspire me, our teachers and staff every single day.

This year our campus debuted the Hill classroom above upper yard, and expanded our Treehouse classroom on the patio. We welcomed beautiful new siblings and big a loving farewell to our longest living pet, Chicken Shiny Shirt. I'm very proud of the environment that we as a community continually create together — vibrant, caring and above all else, child-centered. The culture of our school feels like a healthy extended home and family. I hope that you have seen evidence of your child’s happy growth throughout the year, whether this was your first or last year at Family School. I hope that it was truly a memorable one.

I want to take this — and every opportunity — to thank our parents. Without the immense volunteer efforts of our families, LAFS would not be the magical place that it is. I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate this year’s Spring Fair and Silent Auction Chairs. Parent participation in work days and our school’s ongoing fundraising efforts, and the time you invest brings us all together and defines the word “family” in Los Angeles Family School. I also want to thank the tireless efforts of our staff and their unwavering commitment to the school and its children. I feel privileged to come to work every day within our amazing, devoted community.

Lissett Avila - August, 2018